our trainers


Nina Cutro-Kelly

 Nina Cutro Kelly is a Third Degree Black Belt with over 15 years of competition on the National and International Stage.  She brings an enormous amount of experience and knowledge that she has gained under the tutulage of Head Coach Jim Hrbek.  Nina primarily works with the Senior Elite Group but does work with our Youth and beginners on occasion. 


Colonel Bill


Coach Bill Layden is retired military and has studied various martial arts through his career. He chose Judo as the art he wanted to further his knowledge.  Coach Bill (Colonel) competed at the local and national level winning a bronze medal at the 2012 USA Judo Senior Nationals.  He has a teaching degree, coaching certificate and especially enjoys conditioning and training our young jodoka in the club. 



Willie Nakahara

 Willie works with our beginner adult classes and the Kata program on Tuesday and Thursday.  When Willie is not coaching Kata or beginner adults, he continues his training during the rest of the week.  In 2016, Willie placed 5th at the Veteran World Championships.