Jim Hrbek



When you meet someone that truly loves what he does, it is a wonderful thing.  In Coach Hrbek, you have just such a person.  Coach Hrbek is not your ordinary Judo Coach. Once he begins to talk, you realize this is one very smart man!  He has more Judo knowledge than just about anyone in the US.  Coaches in any sport would be proud to have his record of success.  To Coach Hrbek, its not about his record; but about how the athletes that train with him grow and develop in the sport and in life.  When Coach Hrbek moved to San Antonio with his wife Barb and opened Universal Judo, It put San Antonio Judo on the World Map.  Ohh and his record: 

Rank     8th Degree Black Belt (November 23, 2014)

               7th Degree Black Belt (October 1, 2005)

               6th Degree Black Belt  (April 8, 1994)

Coaching Records

10 World Championship medals

65 Jr National Champions - (Under age 21)

25 Senior National Champions - Adults all ages

8 Masters National Champions (by age division over age 30)

2 Olympic medals

7 Pan American Games medals

8 Pan American Judo Union medals

Club members have won medals in more than 300 National and International events

More than 4,000 tournament medalists with 80.1% of all tournament entrants winning medals

Certifications                 USA Judo International Gold Level Coach

Current Position           Chairman USA Judo High Performance Committee

2002  - present

    High Performance Committee USA Judo - present

    USA Judo National Coaching Staff

    Head Coach, Universal Judo Club, San Antonio, TX

Previous Administrative Positions

    Member USA JUDO National Coaching Staff 1983- Present       

    Chairman, Coaching and Training Committee of  USA Judo (1983-1992 and 1996-1997)

    Co-ordinator for Women’s Judo, USA Judo (1986-1992)

    Chairman, Women’s Selection Committee, USA Judo(1986-1992)

    Member, USA Judo Inc Development Committee(1986- 1992)

    Member USA Judo Junior Committee (1988-1992)

    Member US Judo Association Board of Directors (1980-1984)

    First President/ Founder of New York State Judo(1980-1982) 

Honors and Awards

  2011 US Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year (among ALL     sports)                                                                                              

  2006 US Olympic Committee Judo Coach of the Year

  1986 United States Judo Association Coach of the Year